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 The Project 

We understand that traditional employment can be hard to sustain for forces partners. The hours can have little flexibility and often clash with caring commitments and the unpredictable hours of forces work requirements.


Through our programme, we will show you that starting up a business is worth considering - it can be done initially on a small scale around family commitments.

We will inspire you to maintain and develop skills, increase your feeling of making a valuable work contribution and meeting other like-minded women.  


We will educate and support you in the business creation process.


We will equip you with the ability to earn an income, in a way that suits you and your family.  


We will do this by providing information, education and case studies on the business creation process. Helping to match your own skills and use them to generate and shape your own business ideas, beginning the process of starting up and running a small business.    

Did you know?


If rates of women-led businesses equalled that of men, the contribution to Scotland’s GVA would increase to £13 billion


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Questions? Give us a phone on 01250 770 770, ask at Scots Corner or email

It has given me the skills, information and contacts that I will need (and use) in the future.  I'm aiming to launch my business in Spring 2017 for definite!  This course (and the success of other participants) has made starting a successful business seem very achievable.

The course has given me the confidence to start my business.  I had a basic idea before, but you have given me the information needed.  I found every week useful with all the information that was given, but the pricing week really helped me to value my products.  Oh, and I've made £288!

I am so grateful for this amazing course and the guidance it has given me on running and expanding my lovely business.  If someone told me a year ago while I was making a little frame for my house that it would turn into this successful business I would have laughed!  Now all I can do is smile, say thank you for all your support and do a little happy dance!

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