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Thank you!

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Army Welfare Service staff, AFF and HIVE for all their help with the programme so far. Particularly Community Support Development Workers, Gina Clark and Zakia Yousaf and Zoe Teal of AFF - thanks to them, we've got nearly 20 women registered for the course and we really couldn't have done that just by ourselves. What a great team. Thank you so much for promoting the Business Creation Project to the community and for encouraging women to sign up.

Gina Clark, Community Support Development Worker, Glencorse

We had a great morning at Glencorse taking photographs for the press release to launch the course - it’s hard work participating in a photoshoot, especially with young children so thanks to everyone who joined in and helped us to get such brilliant photos. Some have been used in the press already and we will use some of the others during the course. We may even repeat the photoshoot later in the course as the current photos have been so well received.

Zaria Yousaf, Community Support Development Worker, Glencorse

I'm tucked away up in Perthshire at the moment, so having everyone at the Army Welfare Service, AFF and HIVE engaged with the programme and talking about it in their community has been a huge help. I can't wait to come to Glencorse in August and meet you all properly. Not long now until we will all be getting started.

There are still places available, so if you've not registered yet, please do so NOW as we will need to plan ahead to ensure we have enough crèche places for everyone who wants to attend. Simply email me ( and let me know you'd like to come along. If you need some more information before making up your mind, why not speak with Gina or Zak or give me a call on 01250 770770.

Thanks again!

Jennifer & Carrie

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