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Register your interest in the project now and learn how you too can create your own business and enjoy earning an income in a way that suits you and your family.

The Programme
What is an entrepreneur?

13th September, 9.30-11am

Do you have what it takes?
20th September, ONLINE
The business idea
27th September, 9.30-11am
Will your idea work?
4th October, ONLINE
Business planning
11th October, 9.30-11am
Attracting customers
18th October, ONLINE

"But I'm not a business person"


That's ok.  We'll help and support you as you develop the skills you need.  You'll also be surprised at how many skills you already have! Running a business isn't that different from running a home - you might already know a thing or two about budgeting, organising and prioritising, and managing people.  We'll help you transfer those skills into business.


"But I don't even have an idea"


That's ok.  We'll help you think of some ideas related to your own hobbies and interests.  We'll help you identify any gaps in the market and wherever your passion lies, we'll work with you to make a business out of it.


"But I don't have the time"


We understand that your time is precious and we're only asking for 1.5 hours for each of the 6 workshops and about an hour for the online ones.  A creche facility will be available and you can choose how much time to spend on your business outwith the workshops.


If you can't come to them all - don't worry, we'll help you catch up online.  


  • Earn some income

  • Learn new skills

  • Meet new people

  • Connect with the community

  • Make a difference


All while working on something you love when and how it suits you and your family.


Still not convinced?  Have a look at the Inspire Me page here.



Creating your brand
25th October, ONLINE
Pricing & managing finances
1st November, 9.30-11am
Customer service
9th November, ONLINE
Support & networking
16th November, 9.30-11am
Managing your business
22nd November, ONLINE
Launching your business
1st December, 9.30-11am
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